Announcing The Launch of the Beach Podcast!

  • March 25, 2022

Announcing the launch of Beach Podcast

With so many fascinating and inspiring community partners around the world we thought it remiss not to give the Beach Tribe a chance to get to know them better.
Every episode our Director of Partnerships, Rob, will sit down with a different member of our worldwide community, ranging from our mangrove restoration partners in Tanzania to our Lebanese Beach Clean team to our resident seaweed scientist. All of them have stories to tell of lives led in all four corners of the planet.
We’ll be hearing about the amazing carbon sequestering ability of mangroves, the role that seaweed can play in decarbonising our food systems, the incredible story of Ismail Abdalla who was forced to flee the D.R.C. under mortal threat, what it’s like to live through hyper-inflation in Lebanon, and how Beach partner Barbz survived a super-typhoon in the Philippines.
We’ve released three episodes to kick things off and then will be releasing four more over the course of the next month to complete the first series.
In the first episode we’ll hear from Ismail Abdalla, a refugee from the D.R.C. living in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Northern Kenya. As the heir to a traditional position as the head of a tribe, his life, and the life of his family, was in danger, and he was forced to flee the D.R.C. to seek refuge in Tanzania and eventually Kenya. In the second episode you’ll hear from reggae musician and Ghana environmental personality of the year Togbe Ghana talking about how music can be a force for change, and in the third from Palestinian refugee Jihad Hendawi based in Lebanon talking about the Lebanese Crisis, hyper inflation and the Beirut port explosion.
Later on we’ll be hearing from beach partner seaweed scientist Christian Berger PhD from PEBL, Barbz and Rimuru from our Philippines Beach Cleans, and Gumbo, founder of agroforestry and mangrove restoration NGO Ambakofi.
We are exceptionally proud to have such interesting, accomplished and varied community partners around the world. All of these partnerships are funded by the Beach Collective and made possible by you: the Beach Tribe.
Beach Podcast is a podcast from the Beach Collective, a blockchain enabled climate tech platform powered by our native currency $BEACH where every transaction funds clean oceans and blue carbon initiatives via our worldwide community partners.
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