$BEACH Expands to Lebanon

  • Nov. 18, 2021

$BEACH are delighted to welcome two new members of the Beach Collective, Jihad and Nidal Hendawi, two Palestinian brothers based in Lebanon. Sponsored by $BEACH, Jihad and Nidal are in the process of organizing a weekly beach clean up near Beirut. Lebanon is going through one of the most difficult periods in its history, and $BEACH is so pleased to be able to offer employment and opportunity to inspiring young people like Jihad and Nidal. Here’s their story in their own words:

“We were born and raised in Lebanon, and we consider Lebanon our second country. We’ve been a part of social and community services our whole life, ever since my parents started a Palestinian Lebanese scout troop called Yaabad Scouts 15 years ago, and we’ve worked with different educational and social organization including (UNRWASeenaryo) and many others. I, Jihad, am a 25 year old psychology student in Beirut Arab University and my brother Nidal is a 24 year old business student in the Arts, Sciences and Technology University. This year is our first year back at university after a two year absence forced by the COVID pandemic and lock down, and the Lebanese crisis.
Lebanon has been going through a difficult period over the past couple of years, in which the value of the Lebanese currency has dropped dramatically, in addition to many awful events that have shattered the sense of security in the country. The worst of these was the port of Beirut explosion that destroyed half the city but there have been many other unfortunate conflicts based mostly on political issues that have also resulted in destruction and death.
All those events are causing young people to leave the country in droves, and we also considered leaving. One of our sisters left to continue her studies in the UK, but due to the expensive cost of traveling and our strong attachment and concern for Lebanon we decided to stay and try our best to keep helping this community that we were raised in.
One of the things that concerns us most is the environment. We are very excited to be partnering with $BEACH token, taking the initiative to clean beaches all over the world. We are delighted to know that they chose Lebanon. This project is not just about cleaning Lebanon’s beaches, it’s about motivating and bringing hope to this community, which so desperately needs it.”
Jihad and Nidal Hendawi
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