$BEACH Partners with Irmãos de Ponta Negra

  • Nov. 22, 2021

$BEACH is delighted to announce a partnership with the Irmãos de Ponta Negra neighbouhood association in Natal, Brazil.

Irmãos de Ponta Negra was founded by Walter Paschoalino Junior and Adriano Paschoalino, a couple from the interior of São Paulo state. They arrived in Natal in November 1999 looking for a new life, but after all their belongings were robbed during the move they were forced to start their life from scratch. After a year of hardworking, they were able to buy a car and started a small car rental business, and after a few years they were one of the best in town. More recently they transitioned to the hostel and pousada business based on the beach of Ponta Negra.
Brazil has a huge problem of unemployment and homeless people. After the first wave of Covid, the situation was dire. Walter and Adriana saw an opportunity to help by creating the “Irmãos de Ponta Negra” (brothers of Ponta Negra) neighbourhood association. By using their network and knowledge in town, they were able to raise donations of money, food, hygiene products and even held birthday parties for the less fortunate residents of the Ponta Negra beach.
$BEACH is delighted to be partnering with Irmãos de Ponta Negra to clean up the beaches in Natal, and provide employment opportunities for those who need them. We can’t wait to see them get started.
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