$BEACH Partners With Let's Go Clean The Beach

  • Nov. 4, 2021

$BEACH is delighted to announce a partnership with Let’s Go Clean The Beach in Accra, Ghana

Let’s Go Clean The Beach is founded and run by Togbe Ghana, a musician and ocean plastic activist. He has been organising beach clean ups for three years now, going to waterfalls, beaches and riversides near Accra, and using the materials to make recycled bricks which he uses to pave the local school and community.
Togbe Ghana is currently the Ghana Leadership Award Winner for Sanitation Personality of the Year and the Ghana Best Beach Clean-up awarded by Environmental Excellence Award.
$BEACH is delighted to be sponsoring Let’s Go Clean The Beach and can’t wait to see Togbe Ghana and his team in action. $BEACH Tribe please support our partner below!
Togbe Ghana in Action!
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