$BEACH Partners with Refugee-run NGO Faulu Productions

  • Nov. 18, 2021

The $BEACH team are absolutely over the moon to announce a partnership with refugee-run NGO Faulu Productions.

Faulu Productions was founded in Kakuma refugee camp in 2015 June by a group of refugee youths advocating for social change. Two years later it was registered officially by the Kenyan Ministry of East African Community, Labour and Social Protection as a non-profit community-based organization.
They focus on women and youth empowerment, livelihoods, education and the environment. Their mission is to promote youth talents and to create safe, sustainable living conditions that enable social change, education for marginalized communities, and empowerment to vulnerable people. Their beneficiaries are at the centre of all of their activities:
EDUCATION: Faulu Productions have offered free pre-school education to over 600 children aged between 3–6, and primary education to over 400 children aged 7–11. They also offer a high school curriculum for refugees who did not get chance to complete their schooling while in their home countries.
FOOD: Faulu Productions provide farmers with seeds, manure and other resources to make sure that Kakuma residents are self-reliant rather than relying on donations to buy food.
ENVIRONMENT: Faulu Productions protect the environment and encourage the community to be self-sustaining through permaculture. They also collect plastic bags and bottles for recycling and planting 11,000 trees in partnership with other organisations.
WOMEN & YOUTH EMPOWERMENT: Faulu Productions develop and enhance the social, economic psycho-social well-being of the vulnerable women and girls of Kakuma refugee camp by providing micro-loans and skills for life such as permaculture, soap-making and tailoring. So far they have offered micro loans to over 100 female entrepreneurs. They also fight drug abuse, promote sexual health and educate to prevent early and forced marriages and other harmful cultural dogmas while empowering young people to achieve their goals and develop their passions.
Recently Faulu Productions was proclaimed as the 2021 winner of the “YOUTH AGENDA” category under the Kenyan Ministry of ICT Innovation and Youth Affairs, for its work across three areas: permaculture and agriculture permaculture, preventing youth drug abuse, and digital inclusion.
$BEACH is delighted to be partnering with this incredible grassroots, refugee-run organisation to help keep Kakuma camp and the nearby Tarach river free from plastic waste. Keep an eye out for further announcements.
Visit the Faulu socials for more information
Faulu Productions in Action
Faulu Productions Community
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