$BEACH Partners with SEE Turtles

  • Dec. 1, 2021

$BEACH is delighted to announce a partnership with SEE Turtles. SEE Turtles connects people with sea turtles in meaningful, personal and, memorable ways. They help the sea turtle community connect, grow, and thrive by supporting community-based conservation efforts. Our programs provide funding, resources, and tools to protect endangered sea turtle species in the Global South. Since our launch, we have generated more than $1 million for conservation and local communities and we have helped save more than 5 million hatchlings at 50+ beaches.

$BEACH will be joining up with SEE Turtles as a co-funder for their Billion Baby Turtles campaign, providing patrols and support for important turtle nesting beaches around the world to keep nesting turtles and hatchlings safe.
To find out more about SEE Turtles’ other campaigns visit: http://www.seeturtles.org/
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