$BEACH Partners with Tanzania Mangrove NGO Ambakofi

  • Dec. 2, 2021

$BEACH is delighted to announce a partnership with Tanzanian NGO Ambakofi. Ambakofi is an organisation that promotes agroforestry, cost effective clean energy solutions, and environmental education to generate community involvement with local natural forests. Ambakofi, named after the native hardwood tree in Tanzania, works in seven villages along the north coast of Tanzania opposite Zanzibar. It is Ambakofi’s goal to work with the community to restore and protect Tanzania’s forests, both on land and on the coast, creating a greener and sustainable future.

$BEACH is partnering with Ambakofi to restore the mangroves around the village of Ushongo Mabaoni, beginning in January. After speaking with several mangrove projects worldwide, the $BEACH team chose Ambakofi because they embrace $BEACH partner Mangrove Action Project’s CBEMR approach (Community-Based Ecological Mangrove Restoration) which prioritises a holisitic community centred approach rather than mass planting initiatives which might grab headlines but tend to have low survival rates. Ambakofi will work with 30 participants, both men and women over two days of theory and practical training, before beginning their work in the mangroves.

As Mangrove Action Project explained to us most mangrove degradation tends to be rooted in the local community itself who chop down mangroves to make boats or for firewood. Ambakofi addresses this by working with local fisherman to encourage them to look after the mangroves as a breeding area for fish. As founder Gumbo Majubwa says: “You can’t preserve the mangroves without educating the fisherman.”

$BEACH is hugely proud to be working with a community-focused grassroots initiative with huge potential for growth. Follow our socials below to stay keep up to date with their actions.

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