$BEACH Partners With The Rubbish Project

  • Nov. 10, 2021

The Rubbish Project is a company on a mission to create a waste-free world by providing circular economy solutions to the planet’s messiest problem, Rubbish.

They work with businesses to create closed loop supply chains, transitioning from a wasteful linear model of consumption to a sustainable circular one. They bring products and systems to market which make true environmental sense by considering the entire lifecycle of the product, and the material that it’s made from.
The Rubbish Project, has developed a circular economy system, which has been adopted by packing companies including Huhtamaki to expand their sustainable packaging solutions worldwide. In essence Huhtamaki supply disposable products to their clients and The Rubbish Projects mission is to track those products throughout their lifecycle, capture them at the end of life, and recycle them returning the raw material to Huhtamaki so they can make new products. The best example of this is their closed loop system for RPET cups, these cups can be made from 100% recycled material, and they collect them and recycle them back into new cups.
$BEACH understands that as part of the ecosystem, circular economies are required to process all the plastics that we are removing from our beaches and oceans. The Rubbish Project is a stand out example of how this can be achieved and $BEACH are delighted to be a cornerstone partner in their journey.
The Rubbish Project
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Waste Collection to New Products
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