Launching our Youth Advisory Board!

  • Jan. 23, 2023

We are on the lookout for young people to join our new Youth Advisory Board! 

Being a young person in today’s world can be daunting when faced with the climate crisis we are inheriting. Sometimes it feels as though there is nothing we can do to make a difference big enough to halt the inevitable. We may feel that the problem is too big for us to tackle and we look to large companies and governments to solve the problem for us.
But don't forget the power of teamwork and the strength of coming together in support of action! There may be nothing overly romantic about picking up a few pieces of garbage, making sustainable choices or simply taking time to connect nature, but one good deed done every day, multiplied by hundreds, makes a BIG difference when we all come together and do it. 
As young people, let's be the ambassadors of small actions for big change!
We are on the lookout for youth advisors to do just that with our Beach Action platform. Beach Action is a social platform which rewards direct climate action with our native currency $BEACH. Actions such as clean ups, tree planting, acts of kindness to others and the earth, or any host of conservation work can boost your status and influence on our social platform and earn you $BEACH to use on Beach Shop! 
So far, Beach Collective has cleared over 150,000kg of waste from the oceans, have mangrove restoration projects running in three countries, sea turtle conservation in another and have provided over 4000 days of employment to coastal communities in 19 countries - all funded by $BEACH.
Every action made supports a brighter future and brings us closer to attaining sustainability for generations to come. We need a youth advisory board to keep us ticking in the right direction, give us feedback, and encourage use of our Beach Action Platform! 
Here are the Youth Advisor perks:
  • network with a global community of young people who care about the planet as much as you do
  • enable and empower others to take meaningful actions that benefit our lives and the planet 
  • earn $BEACH to be used on Beach Shop when it launches in Q1. Beach Shop is an online marketplace connecting planet-friendly brands and products with climate conscious consumers
  • gain experience working with a startup climate tech platform, and unlock other opportunities tailored to your interests and strengths like writing a blog post for our socials or running your own clean ups and events 
  • advisors will be first in line for full time position when they become available 
What commitment we will require from you:
  • roughly 1 hour per week time commitment including a monthly meetup call to go over your feedback and progress 
  • make use of our Beach Action platform, give regular feedback on how we can improve it and post an action 2-3 times a week 
  • encourage others to make sustainable choices everyday and show them how to use Beach Action. For every individual you sign up who posts an action we will clear 1kg of plastic from the oceans!
If you are interested in applying then please send a CV, along with a link to your socials (LinkedIn if you have it) and a short cover letter to