Rimuru - Community Partner Interview

  • March 4, 2022

Johnlloyd Prosper D. Tuso (better known to the Beach Community as Rimuru) is a 21 years old student from the Philippines studying Business Administration and Marketing. Rimuru was an early winner of one of the Beach Collective’s social media competitions on Twitter where we awarded Rimuru some token for organising a beach clean and posting about it on social media. Since then Rimuru has become one of our most active community partners, organising a weekly beach clean sponsored by us and making beautifully edited videos to share with our community. Our Director of Partnerships, Rob, caught up with him here:

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself, Rimuru.
I’m a student at Father Saturnino Urios University in the Philippines. I am interested in producing/composing music and am also interested in videography, photography, and graphic design. I am very passionate about what I love and my friends say I am a very approachable person.
2) What has your partnership with the Beach Collective enabled you to do? 
My partnership with Beach Collective has opened up a lot of opportunities. One is to be able to earn through beach clean-ups. This is great for me as I can do good both financially and for the environment while still a student. 
Secondly it enables me to help my friends and loved ones that are in need financially. Through this partnership, they are able to add to their earnings and use it as means for purchasing their necessities. Last but definitely not least, I was able to help clean the coastal part of Barangay Lumbocan, Butuan City where I live.
3) What are you studying and what would be your ideal job when you graduate? 
I am studying business administration with a major in marketing. My ideal job is to be part of a company’s social media marketing team. Incorporating my skills into my degree would definitely be my plan for my career. Since I am into videography, photography, and graphic design, I have the skills to create media to represent and market the company’s product or service that would capture the target market through social media advertisement. 
4) How do people in the community react when they see you cleaning beaches?
I am so grateful that a lot of people in our community are being inspired through our regular clean-ups. People are starting to be environmentally conscious in a way that they are also doing clean-ups on their own.
5) If you had $10,000 of funding what would you do?
If I am given a chance to have funds I would definitely create a non-government organization dedicated to helping clean coastal areas as it is one of the most polluted places in the Philippines. These funds would be used to help generate income for the team, such as selling merchandise, membership programs, and also providing coastal clean-up services. In this way the team would have enough funds to keep the good work going.
6) What inspires you to continue your work?
The opportunity to do good is what keeps me going. It’s a privilege to be chosen to be one of the partners of the Beach Collective, contributing to cleaning up not just coastal areas but nature itself. Another thing that keeps me going as a partner of the Beach Collective is the opportunity to help my community. Here in our locality people are really less aware of climate change and how pollution has affected the health of natural places, and the Beach Collective has given us a chance to help and educate our community. And lastly, what keeps me going is that I was able to help my friends and loved ones financially. I believed that doing good begets good, that is why the Beach Collective has been a blessing to me and keeps me and my team going.
7) Where would you like to go next with the partnership? 
There is nothing I hope for other than being able to continue the partnership I have with the Beach Collective. But if given the chance, I would love to contribute through social media marketing or advertisement which would allow my skills in videography and editing to flourish.
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