So We Bought a Kelp Farm

  • Dec. 22, 2021

Beach Token are delighted to announce that the community have secured an initial five year lease for a commercial kelp farm, located off the south coast of Scotland known as the “Whithorn Kelp Farm”.

In a crypto first, Beach Token plan to launch Beach Kelp, a limited edition (1000 mint) NFT run of the ten most endangered marine animals.

The 1km stretch of kelp will produce roughly 10,000kg-12,000kg of wet kelp each year which will be marketed and sold. Any revenues generated by the kelp farm will be used to purchase $BEACH. The purchased tokens will then be airdropped to Beach Kelp holders.

Beach Token have the first right of refusal to renew the lease from year 6 onwards.

The Beach Token team will launch Beach Kelp within the Beach Collective on 31 March 2022 and pricing per NFT is expected to be in the 0.05 to 0.1 ETH range. Payments accepted will include ETH, BNB & DAI.

Beach Kelp holders will also benefit from a dedicated NFT “reflection pool” whereby the reflections accrued on a dedicated and ringfenced amount of $BEACH, will (during the five year term), be periodically airdropped to Beach Kelp holders.

Demand for Beach Kelp NFTs will be extremely high and to ensure that the loyal Beach Token community do not miss out, we will be compiling a whitelist of wallets that will have first access to the mint. White listers will need to own a nominal amount of no less than $100 of $BEACH on the ERC or BSC chains. (Details to follow in January 2022).

The costs required for every aspect of this project have already been funded through the Blue Carbon fund and there is no reliance on the NFTs being sold (whether through the whitelist or otherwise) to make Beach Kelp viable.

The carbon footprint of Beach Kelp will be negative. We are looking to use the lowest possible minting footprint for the 1000 NFTs and with the kelp farm sequestering significant volumes of carbon every year, Beach Kelp will be the greenest crypto project in existence.

Our partner in the Whitehorn Kelp Project is Green Ocean Farming, a well-established UK company with existing commercial farms in operations off the coast of Pembrokeshire.

Commercial Kelp Farming

Why Scotland?

The Whitehorn Kelp Project, offers Beach Token security of tenure with an established commercial kelp farm operator and a secure legal framework with strong UK government backing.

The waters around the UK and Scotland in particular offer a unique growing culture and temperature for certain types of Kelp. Just like Scottish Whisky, the Whitehorn kelp has the potential to command a premium.

The NFT Mint

The full list of endangered marine animals and the mint scarcity is shown below:

No 1–40 Vaquita Porpoise

No 2–50 Hawksbill Turtle

No 3–65 Blue Whale

No 4–80 Sea Otter

No 5–95 Whale Shark

No 6–105 Galapagos Penguin

No 7–120 Hector’s Dolphin

No 8–135 Humphead Wrasse

No 9–150 Hawaiian Monk Seal

No 10–160 North Atlantic Right Whale

The Hawksbill Turtle — No 2 on the NFT Endangered List and Already Supported by BEACH

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