Students in the Cayman Islands learn about blockchain and the blue circular economy while doing something good for the planet


  • June 14, 2022

Beach Collective, a blockchain enabled climate tech platform is building a blue circular economy that funds clean oceans and blue carbon initiatives every time someone transacts using their native currency $BEACH. Rather than paying card fees to Visa or Mastercard, when you transact using $BEACH you pay the planet and oceans.

On World Oceans Day (8th June), The Beach Collective, in partnership with the Cayman Islands Government Office - UK and the Cayman Islands Youth Services Unit, delivered a practical experience whereby young people did good for the planet while learning about blockchain and the blue circular economy. Supported by Plastic Free Cayman and Protect Our Future the event started with a beach clean near North Sounds Golf Club in Grand Cayman. Students over the age of 16 were rewarded in $BEACH which were then spent at a nearby restaurant, Tomfoodery in Camana Bay. While enjoying their well-earned meal, Rob Cobbold of Beach Collective delivered an engaging educational presentation on blockchain, the blue circular economy and integrating a planet conscious mind-set into this new finance space.
Beach Collective is in conversation with businesses and organisations in the Cayman Islands as they explore the opportunity for island-wide adoption of $BEACH, in which the transactions fees would be ring-fenced for clean oceans and blue carbon initiatives within the Cayman Islands. These fees could be used to support mangrove conservation, coral reef restoration, beach cleans and circular economy initiatives.
So far the Beach Collective has cleared over 100,000kg of waste from the oceans, have mangrove restoration projects running in two countries, sea turtle conservation in another and have provided over 3000 days of employment to coastal communities in 14 countries - all from the transaction fees of its currency $BEACH.
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