The Blue Circular Economy Is Here

  • March 10, 2022

Our oceans are not just a home for the vast majority of life on earth, they’re also our most powerful weapon in the fight to tackle climate change. The ocean absorbs around one third of anthropogenic CO emissions. Unless we look after it, the entire ocean ecosystem is reaching a series of irreversible tipping points.


Marine life is suffering irreparable damage from resource exploitation, chemical pollution, overfishing and the millions of tons of mismanaged waste dumped into the oceans each year. 


The Beach Collective is the blue circular economy platform powered by a smart currency called $BEACH, which internalises the health of our planet and oceans into every transaction.


It brings together climate conscious consumers, ocean-friendly brands and businesses, and ocean conservation champions in a single ecosystem where every transaction funds ocean regeneration and climate action.


The Beach Collective vision is to create a blue circular economy where what is good for you, as a consumer, freelancer, brand, business or conservation champion are one and the same as what is good for the planet. Where plastic picked up from the beach in Lebanon can be upcycled into sustainable sportswear and sold to a customer in London. Where commerce can be put in service of the planet, not the other way around. Where every good deed for the health of our oceans and our planet is rewarded.


All transactions within Beach Collective will incur a 3% transaction tax - comparable to card fees. 1% of this goes towards our Clean Oceans Fund, 1% towards our Blue Carbon Fund, with a remaining 1% platform fee. The Beach Collective’s 3% tax smashes the normal 15% fee charged by most other online marketplaces and ensures that you pay the planet, not the bank.


At present we have community partners in 14 countries working across a range of clean ocean and blue carbon objectives including beach cleans, mangrove restoration, seaweed farming, sea turtle conservation and a feeding program for children, all while providing sustainable livelihoods and opportunities to people around the world.


Among them are a group of Palestinian refugees based in Lebanon, a neighbourhood association in Brazil that works with recovering addicts and homeless people, and a refugee-run organisation in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. We have provided disaster relief and employment after the typhoon in the Philippines, financial and technical assistance to Tonga after the recent tsunami and to date have cleared over 40 tonnes of waste from oceans and beaches worldwide.


As well as cleaning beaches and tackling climate change, The Beach Collective has a strong focus on women empowerment. We employ 30 women refugees in Kakuma Refugee camp on a weekly cleanup, have a women-led mangrove restoration project in the Philippines, and a brand partnership with woman-led active-wear brand Gngr Bees.


The Beach Collective will consist of 7 portals to earn and spend $BEACH:

Beach Action is a social platform which rewards people for direct climate action. Whether it’s picking up litter from the beach, planting a tree, or growing your own veg, anyone, anywhere can earn $BEACH for direct action to regenerate our planet.

Beach Pay is a low-friction payment portal for real world purchases. Whether it’s paying for a pad-thai in Phuket, splitting a bill in your co-living space or picking up your fruit and veg at the local farmers’ market, pay and be paid in $BEACH. 

Beach Shop is an online marketplace connecting planet-friendly brands and products with climate conscious consumers. Whether you’re a making active-wear from recycled ocean plastic, selling seaweed-based food products, or a co-living space with a strong sustainability ethos, Beach Shop connects you to a global marketplace of the rapidly growing “work from anywhere” crowd.

Beach Nomad is a freelancer portal for the rapidly growing “work from anywhere” crowd. Whether you’re opening your laptop from a co-working space in Lisbon or a beach in Byron bay, Beach Nomad is a place where freelancers can connect with clients who care about the planet as much as they do.

Beach NFT is a portal for the creation and low-carbon trading of NFTs, including our Kelp Farm NFTs and our Carbon NFTs. Beach NFT will promote and support NFT projects that are purpose and utility driven.

Beach Swap is an exchange where people can securely trade tokens. Our swaps are quicker and our fees are lower than other platforms, and each time you swap you directly support ocean regeneration and climate action.

Beach Farm is an opportunity to safely put your $BEACH to work, staking or providing liquidity to the pool and receiving $BEACH in return. Beach Farm will also host other tokens, enabling them to do their bit to support ocean regeneration and climate action.


Do Good With Every Transaction


All these portals will be enabled by our native currency $BEACH. $BEACH is deflationary, high-performance, and planet-positive by design. It includes mechanisms which reward holders with a % of every transaction, as well as allocating 2% of every transaction to ocean regeneration and climate action.


Whether you’re a crypto enthusiast who buys $BEACH for its high-performance deflationary tokenomics, a freelancer who lists their services on Beach Nomad, a community organisation who earns $BEACH by recording their beach cleans on Beach Action or a planet-friendly brand or business who uses Beach Shop to reach a global marketplace of climate conscious consumers, Beach Collective is the platform for those who believe that living well should not cost us the planet