What does Beach Collective do for brands and businesses?

  • Jan. 17, 2023

The Beach Collective provides Climate Market Infrastructure-as-a-Service (CMaaS) to individuals, businesses and causes along three core verticals, Commerce, CSR and Carbon. In the case of businesses, these verticals can be thought of as climate solutions which allow companies to increase either their revenues, their impact or both at a stroke. So what does that look like in practice?

(1) Commerce: the ability to generate revenue for climate action at the point of sale without reducing the revenue the business itself receives. Simply by accepting $BEACH as payment, a business has internalized the health of the planet into every transaction.
How: we capture the fees that would otherwise go to a payments provider (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, PayPal etc.) or to an e-commerce provider (Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Etsy etc.), and redirect them to Clean Oceans and Blue Carbon initiatives. Even better - the emissions of a $BEACH transaction are lower than the emissions of a Visa or Mastercard transaction.
(2) Corporate Social Responsibility: the ability to turn CSR spend into effective marketing, advertising and PR, providing better return-on-investment both in terms of impact and visibility.
How: we offer packages enabling brands and corporates to sponsor a wide range of direct climate action activities from beach cleans, to mangrove restoration, to coral restoration. Using our social platform Beach Action we then maximise the recognition the brand receives for these contributions across a wide range of stakeholders. For example companies can pay $100 for 200kg of trash to be removed from the oceans and then using Beach Action can distribute the kgs to clients or employees as a reward for purchases or good performance (e.g. For every pair of shoes we sell we will clear 1kg of trash from the oceans).
(3) Carbon: the ability to claim carbon offsets with absolute confidence and transparency of not being accused of (or participating in) greenwashing or exploitation. 
How: we offer carbon where each individual tonne (yes…every tonne) is geo-located and viewable on a publicly available online map and captured carbon neutrally on a “clean” Proof-of-Stake blockchain. What’s more our carbon is held and sold directly by indigenous stewards, offering a range of social and environmental features that are absent in the market today and which customers are increasingly becoming attuned to.
These three verticals are just the beginning as the Beach Collective is constantly expanding and improving its offering. If you are brand or business who targets climate-conscious clients and customers then reach out to rob@beachtoken.io to find out more about our CMaaS solutions.
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